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Time to Watches
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HEAD – Genève
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Exhibiting brands

One of our key objectives is to create new designs and models that perfectly suit the changing styles of our generation while, at the same time, keeping prices competitive.

Adriatica produces both mechanical and automatic self-winding models which are powered by ETA & SELITA movements. We stock a wide range of quartz watches containing high-tech movements such as Ronda & ETA.

Thomas Swiderski

Founded in 1934 by the Dodane family, Montres Airain gained fame for reliable timepieces. It supplied Type 20 watches to the French army from the 1960s, notably for ALAT helicopter pilots. In 2020, Airain released the Type 20 Re-Edition, faithfully replicating the original 1950s design. 2024 sees the revival of Airain’s iconic diver, the Sous-Marine.

Tom van Wijlick (CEO)

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An independent watchmaker for over 40 years, Antoine Preziuso combines his creativity in the watchmaking field with a rare audacity, doubly rewarded at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2015 and preselected in 2018 and 2019, then in 2020 he is honored by his peers with the Gaia Prize.

ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE is a family business, Laura the daughter specializing in jewellery. She wons the Hans Wilsdorf prize.
Florian, the son, who accompanies him daily in a joint creative procès.

Each make an inestimably valuable contribution to the art of keeping and embellishing time.

Appella draws from its rich history. The legacy of outstanding watchmakers who created the brand lives on through the traditions as they continue to inspire the makers and designers of Appella watches in the modern day.

Under the stewardship of ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl, Appella’s customers around the world will receive the finest experience worthy of the SWISS MADE warranty.

Thomas Swiderski

The Arilus watches, imagined by their creator Christophe Quillon, embody the epitome of French excellence, distilled into a perfectly timeless object.
They carry with them the essence of craftsmanship and heritage, and a unique identity— with the mountains as their symbol and the two Savoie regions as their roots.

Gaëlle Tagliabue
+33 4 50 45 69 15

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Armand Nicolet, founded in 1875 by Armand Nicolet, is one of the essential constituents of Swiss horology. In 1987, the collaboration with Rolando Braga combined Swiss technical skills and Italian creativity.

The company excels in reviving iconic movements through the Original Historical Movement collection, restoring and enhancing original movements from the 1950’s and 1960’s with expertise.

Rossella Savoldi

ATOWAK was established in 2017 as a watch manufacturer helping microbrands make mechanical watches. After 10 years of watch design and development experience in the mechanical watch industry, ATOWAK experienced a flexible chain of watch developments, movements, cases, straps, dials, hands, and different adornments, and accumulated enough technical support to create unique timepieces.

We have focused on expertly merging original ideas and fascinating methods of time display, and we are obsessed with fine machinery, in which hundreds of delicate parts are interwoven and enmeshed together.

ATOWAK teams devote to Redefine Aesthetics at the Wrist.

Established in 2019, BA111OD has emerged as a pioneer in the Swiss watch industry, making luxury watches accessible.
Situated in the heart of Neuchâtel, it merges traditional Swiss precision with innovative designs.

Through we-commerce, BA111OD enhances the customer experience, democratizing high-end watchmaking and inviting everyone to explore luxury.

Laura Stewart (Communication Manager)
+41 79 616 51 35

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Since its creation in 2017 in Paris, Beaubleu has advocated a culture of going beyond time by combining singularity and lyricism.
Through its emblematic round hands, the brand elevates the “moment” as a time measurement unit, creating aesthetic, astonishing, and symbolic watches.

Behrens adheres to the basic principle of original design, showcasing its infinite passion for mechanical creation with its unique understanding of mechanical art and outstanding watchmaking skills.

A Swiss company, family- owned and independent since 1972, Berney brings back to life several Valjoux chrono movements dating from the 1960s, which are no longer produced today.
Berney also plays the originality and vintage card by developing its historic range of jewelry including a watch.

Pendant watches, bangle watches, ring watches, these pieces have become Berney brand signatures over the years.

Carole Harlé-Voutaz
+41 78 860 10 36

In the 19th century, the watchmaking family Carl Suchy & Söhne succeeded in becoming an international company cherished by Austrian monarchs and elite. After 100 years of quiescence, the brand came back into business carrying the legacy of Viennese Modernism and showcasing the art of Swiss precision.

It has now gained a loyal collector base in over 20 countries.

Since 2017 we have been manufacturing watches that meet aesthetic and quality criteria but which are also designed and milled to recall certain parts of our motorcycles. For now 4 years, we have been working to relocate all our production to France. Our watch is inspired by a specific idea of elegance and freedom.

A watch, reflecting a state of mind, of a man who pushes back its own personal limits and build its future.

Guillaume Lieutier
+33 6 13 91 01 53

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With roots dating back to 1924, Cimier has always been about sharing and democratizing the passion for mechanical watches. The brand perpetuates a tradition of offering quality watches at an affordable price. Chic yet relaxed, Cimier watches are a nod to the past in a modern package.

DONE Watches was born from the desire of its founder to develop and craft its own timepiece.
The philosophy behind DONE Watches is to dare, to take risks, to immerse oneself totally into a project and to lead it through to completion.

The brand’s name is a contraction of « DO » and « NE » – a symbolic marriage between this desire to « DO », and the place where it all began, Neuchâtel « NE ».
Since 2016, DONE Watches displays the captivating world of mechanical movements in its various watch collections.

Thierry Clottu

Eagle eye watches is the creator of the best high definition watch magnifier glass on the market but also a dedicated « circle light » to enjoy its timepieces in all circumstances.

Jérôme Latapie
+33 6 71 53 96 13

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Back to Basic, To a Simpler Time, To Authenticity: I dreamt of developing my own brand but above all I wanted a brand with a story, truth & credibility.
I chose to call it by my nickname, ELKA.

Since I love the 60s, the products and the aesthetics of that era I have decided to make it my design line for this and future collections.

Hakim EL Kadiri (Founder)
+41 79 500 91 13

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Envision is a new brand originating in Modena, in the productive heart of Italy, a land of elegance and innovation, with the aim of creating unique timepieces, embracing the art and craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking. Prisma, their first creation, deeply embodies their vision: an impressive gem-shaped automatic timepiece with an integrated bracelet, characterized by a state-of-the-art cut sapphire crystal never seen before.

EXAEQUO – MELTING WATCH embodies artistic inspiration fused with iconic design. Wearing an EXAEQUO timepiece evokes a sense of perpetual trendiness and individuality. From gala nights to casual strolls, these rare creations ensure recognition and style in every setting.

The Fears Watch Company, known as ‘Fears’. Is a family-run British watch company that was originally founded in 1846 by Edwin Fear.
Fears is now paradoxically one of Britain’s oldest and youngest watch brands, having been dormant from the late 1970’s until being re-established in 2016. Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the now 4th-managing director and great-great-great-grandson of Edwin Fear, has brought the company back to its original and historic home city of Bristol where their watches are designed.

The Fears mantra is ‘Elegantly Understated’ and that can be seen throughout their watches that are still proudly hand-built in Britain.
The Fears collection is a sophisticated, yet contemporary range of watches that retain inspiration from their vast archive.

Lauriance Gerthoffer-Ham (Marketing Manager)

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The Brand Frank Jutzi started as a workshop for restoration of antique clocks and watches end of 1985. About 1990 Frank Jutzi started to create his first clocks. 1997 he asked to become a candidate of the AHCI and 2000 he become a member. In 2000 he also created his first wristwatch. Frank Jutzi is a one-man-brand. Currently he is working with a clockmaker, who is responsible for the restoration of antique clocks. He is specialized for table clocks with special mechanism, like tourbillon, perpetual calendars and astronomical displays.

G.P.F. Straps was established in 1982 in Italy and during its over 30 years presence on the market, the productive capacity and the quality of G.P.F. have enabled it to determine its own business in the haute-gamme production as partner of the most important Swiss watch brands. G.P.F. offers high quality straps made of precious leathers with a vast range of colors in stock and many internal customization services such as digital printing, handmade stitching, automatic stitching with Mitsubishi technology and 2d cad design.

All the product are certified according to the Washington Convention for the protection of endangered animal species (CITES) and all the leathers used by G.P.F. are all tanned using natural and traditional methods, without dyes, chrome, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol.

Maria Vittoria Failli

With Ice-Watch, numbers are always astronomical. A creative bulimia which has no less than 1770 references created and more than 500 active ones, and which offers an identifiable design in numerous models and colours to attract a wide range of customers. Arriving on the market in 2007, Ice-Watch has established itself in the closed world of watchmaking thanks to its fashionable and accessible vision. Today, more dynamic than ever, the small Belgian brand of international renown displays its communicative good humor through its multiple colourful collections. Transgenerational and intercultural, Ice-Watch, now essential, confirms its strong position and its role in the watchmaking landscape.

The lasting value of a JEAN MARCEL watch is based on the use of high-precision ETA movements as well as handcrafted cases, watch dials and hands. For many decades, the brand has been manufacturing extremely flat, elegant watches and is constantly setting new records: Ultraflat watches are the flagship of the brand. Jean Marcel watches pleasantly contrast with uninspired ready-to-wear products with interesting details such as unusually placed date and weekday windows or a secret signature integrated into the sapphire crystal that is only temporarily visible by breathing on it. Numerous designs are under international protection of trademarks and guarantee to the devotees and collectors of this brand a longlasting uniqueness of these creations.

Kendall is a brand with a unique history: born in England in 1742, it was reinterpreted by the designer Italo Fontana, creator of the U-Boat brand, in two lines of watches for men and for women, dedicated to the new explorers of time.

Narcisa Dumitrascu

Authentic, passionate, precise – Laco stands for watches of the highest quality.
Laco, founded in Pforzheim in 1925, is known for high-quality pilot’s watches, chronographs, sports watches and mission watches.

The brand has a long tradition of manufacturing precise and reliable timepieces and is known worldwide for its high-quality watches.
Our products combine optimum functionality with contemporary design, embodying continuous development and creating innovations that reflect the current spirit of the times.

With us there is no standstill, we stand for continuous development.

Sarah Ruhmann
+49 7231 20413-48

Lebois & Co was founded 89 years ago by Raymond Dodane, who at the time belonged to the third generation of the Dodane watchmaking family. A vintage Lebois & Co chronograph auctioned by Christie’s prompted Tom van Wijlick and his wife Eveline to research this unknown brand further and revive it in 2014. In its most recent project, Lebois & Co, under the name CoLAB, democratically teamed up with watch lovers from around the world to launch a retro chronograph series called Heritage Chronograph. The finishing touches are now in place, the prototypes are ready and production is underway.

Tom van Wijlick (CEO)

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Magellan positions itself as the iconic watch brand associated with adventure, exploration, and discovery.
Watches from this brand are designed for adventurous spirits, particularly those who seek to explore the world and challenge the boundaries of time.

Marine Ruiz
+41 76 750 92 15

Since 1941, Marathon has been manufacturing genuine military watches and timing instruments for the Allied Forces. Today, the fourth generation of the family continues the tradition with a wide range of watches.

Marathon watches combine military durability with Swiss engineering and craftsmanship to ensure the highest level of quality and precision.

With a history dating back to 1919, Milus has consistently captured the essence of time with its exquisite timepieces, seamlessly blending traditional watchmaking with contemporary design.
In an era where technology often dominates, Milus remains a beacon of craftsmanship and artistry.

The brand’s timepieces pay homage to classic design elements while incorporating modern sensibilities.

Alice Lozanova
+41 32 344 39 39

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Headquartered in the Swiss Jura (Le Noirmont), The “Société des Montres Paul Picot SA” was founded in 1976 by the Italian entrepreneur and watch lover Mario Boiocchi. At that time, the Swiss watch industry was in the middle of the quartz crisis, but the founder Mario Boiocchi had a clear vision and a strong values foundation. Paul Picot aims to manufacture products that combine the rich tradition of the Swiss watchmaking history with a constant innovation. The products reveal a unique luxury dimension. An accessible luxury not flaunted and exhibited but always characterized by the creation of exclusive and authentic timepieces in which the high quality is obviously a prerequisite, and the functional/technical performances are comparable to well-known international high-end watch brands.

RALF TECH is a French brand founded in 1996. With its roots in professional scuba diving, it holds several world records. RALF TECH primarily supplies professional scuba divers, deep-sea divers and special forces operators in some fifteen countries, including Switzerland and France. The brand has been supplying selected watch retailers since 2012. In 2024, the brand is heading for space with the French National Space Agency. 

Frank Huyghe

Rapport London craft accessories for preserving luxury watches and jewellery. The company was established in 1898 and today, four generations later, the Rapport family still manufactures the finest selection of watch winders, collector boxes, trunks, and travel accessories for luxury timepieces. With timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship, their products are made to stand the test of time. Rapport aims to create the ultimate storage solution that lets your watch and jewellery defy the very nature of time.

Established in the heart of Solothurn, Switzerland in 1888 by the illustrious Fritz Meyer, ROAMER OF SWITZERLAND emerged as a paragon of horological refinement. With a legacy rooted in masterful craftsmanship and innovative prowess, this brand elegantly weaves its storied heritage with quintessential design sensibilities. Introducing its new highlight MECHANO with the first in-house movement since more than 4 decades, ROAMER welcomes all watch enthusiasts to the fair of TIME TO WATCHES to appreciate the stunning 2024 collection.

ROBOT is an independent microbrand from the Czech Republic, the birthplace of the word “robot” and Prague’s world-renowned astronomical clock.

Our passion lies in crafting watches with meticulous detail and Swiss movements.
Offering personalised customizations, you can make your ROBOT watch uniquely yours.
From dial design to engravings, the possibilities are endless, reflecting your personality and style.

Each timepiece is carefully created in Nové Město nad Metují, showcasing ROBOT’s distinctive design and precise mechanics.

Lucie Motlíková
+420 601 112 215

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At RSW, we believe in the harmonious fusion of design and functionality – Every watch is meticulously crafted to combine aesthetics and performance, using the finest materials and most advanced movements.

Whether you’re seeking a sophisticated automatic watch, a rugged diving watch, or a classic timepiece for any occasion, you’ll find your ideal companion among our diverse collection.

SAINT HONORÉ PARIS, a symbol of prestige and elegance, embodies Parisian joie de vivre as a hallmark of its identity. Rooted in the heart of Paris, the city remains its first source of inspiration. Today, Saint Honore Paris has evolved into a luxury lifestyle brand, capturing the attention of royalty and fashion connoisseurs with innovative designs.

Schaefer & Companions blends complete artistic freedom with artistic craftsmanship. Creative pieces where our Companions, masters of their art, liberate their creative souls, taking each work beyond mere beauty, giving it a contemplative and meditative dimension. The exclusivity of this vision comes to life with the Antartica watch collection, premiered at Time to Watches.

A family business, Schneider&Co is a watch manufacturer of mechanical timepieces with exclusively manual winding. With a fundamentally traditional product, a touch of fun, and a disconcerting lightness, Schneider&Co watch is proud to be one of the rare Swiss watch brands that manufactures most of the elements that make up its timepieces in-house, making these a unique object.

It has the means to produce and assemble its movements and all the exterior.
Thus, we guarantee a local product of irreproachable quality largely covering the “Swiss made” standards.

Alain Schneider (CEO)
+41 79 637 39 85

Sinclair Harding – Makers of fine clocks since 1995. In 1995, looking for a new challenge, Bob was introduced to Mike Harding. From the start Bob’s simple goal was to be totally independent and capable of making every part for each clock. Today, with this intense process of craftsmanship results in a clock, which is aesthetically pleasing and reliable, with real soul and character.

Since 1961, everything at Sinn has revolved around high-quality mechanical watches. Buyers of SINN watches swear by the performance, robustness and durability, quality and precision of the watches. Functionality has the highest priority. The watches boast technological features that make sense and have no fashion background. Owner Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Schmidt paraphrases it like this: “Products have to speak for themselves.”

Marcus Wagner (Marketing)
+49 69 97 84 14 109

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Embodying a legacy forged in the crucible of the past century, SOLAR AQUA watches evoke a visceral connection to adventure and resilience. Born from the fusion of Swiss precision an American ingenuity, these timepieces, once battlefield companions, now embrace extreme sports while offering accessible luxury and cutting-edge design.

Gianfilippo Versari

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Born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, in 1959, Squale was one of the first Swiss brands focused in the production of diving watches.
Over the years, Squale has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable timepieces becoming the benchmark for sportsmen, armed forces, and sea enthusiasts.

Fabio Ferrari
+41 91 210 40 03

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With 60+ years of Swiss-made excellence, Swiss Military Hanowa was founded on the principles of cutting-edge design, superior quality, and high precision. Officially licensed by the Swiss Confederation, Swiss Military Hanowa continues to stand firmly on its commitment to inspire greatness.

SYE [Start Your Engine] is a French premium watch brand bringing the concept of Sport Tailoring to your wrist. With its fine leather, impeccable finish, exclusive style and sharp design, you have so many reasons to get excited and give in to temptation.

Arnaud Pézeron (Founder)
+33 6 64 41 15 83

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For more than 30 years, the heart of time beats in Besançon, at Utinam. Clocks, watches, automatons—Philippe Lebru’s imagination has no limits. Beyond timekeeping, he envisions mechanical and kinetic artworks that defy traditional horology, reconnecting classical craftsmanship with contemporary creation. Time breaks free, flies away, to repeat endlessly.

+33 6 79 60 04 39

The creations of Vincent Calabrese, a self-taught, iconoclastic watchmaker-philosopher represent provocative challenges to mechanical traditions in general and to horological traditions in particular. The number, the diversity and the originality of his creations have earned him international fame as one of the most fertile creative minds in the watch business. With more than 45 patents to his name and his distinctive watchmaking style, Vincent Calabrese creates unique, personalised movements in all shapes.

Vincent Calabrese

WatchPeople : SWISS BUT NOT BORING : Watchpeople is an invitation to discover an original and refreshing take on watchmaking. It’s an ambition to finally reconcile the timeless and the everyday, the classicism of great icons and the audacity of colors and materials. Watchpeople is a promise, made to those who know watches as well as to those who simply love them: to free them at last from the need to choose between style and wearability, between elegance and fun, and to allow the history of each individual to meet the great History of watchmaking.

By American designer Jason Wilbur, WILBUR Watch Co. is shaping the future. Driven by the spirit of pioneers and proven by the epic journey of creating mechanical sculpture that tells time, WILBUR is for the limitless few. Wilbur delivers American Design at its artistic, emotional, mechanical best.

Michel Salzmann
+33 6 60 09 46 26

Since 1948 YEMA designs sports watches specifically for Diving, Car Racing, Aviation and Sailing.
Design, manufacturing, prototyping and assembling are manually and precisely taken care of at YEMA’s workshops by highly experienced French traditional watchmakers.

YEMA is run by a third generation watchmakers‘ family with a team averaging more than 40 years of service.

Antoine Fraisse
+230 5 453 8132

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The history of the independant brand Zannetti begins in 1982 when Riccardo Zannetti, its founder and CEO, creates in Rome his first original timepieces that become a revelation for the world of fine watchmaking.

Each single model made by Zannetti follows the tradition of Haute Horlogerie and can be considered a unique piece, and as such is numbered and registered.

Ferdinando Zannetti
+39 338 862 4456

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