With a history dating back to 1919, Milus has consistently captured the essence of time with its exquisite timepieces, seamlessly blending traditional watchmaking with contemporary design.
In an era where technology often dominates, Milus remains a beacon of craftsmanship and artistry.

The brand’s timepieces pay homage to classic design elements while incorporating modern sensibilities.




Archimèdes by Milus

Archimedès is the modern successor to the Super Compressor of the Seventies with its dramatic proportions, as well as the 666, the original model created a decade earlier.

Snow Star – Boreal Green
Snow Star – Boreal Green

After having crossed the skies with the US Navy, the contemporary version of the Snow Star retains its spirit of adventure. The bright and bold “Boreal Green” dial encapsulates the uniqueness of the green polar lights.

LAB 01
LAB 01

Creation and uniqueness are the main foundations of LAB 01. Timeless aesthetics with an innovative material. With its sleek and ultra-contemporary design, mimicking urban lines, these models reflect the elegance of an active urban lifestyle.