Since 2017 we have been manufacturing watches that meet aesthetic and quality criteria but which are also designed and milled to recall certain parts of our motorcycles. For now 4 years, we have been working to relocate all our production to France. Our watch is inspired by a specific idea of elegance and freedom.

A watch, reflecting a state of mind, of a man who pushes back its own personal limits and build its future.




The watchmaker challenge

We are going to share with you our everyday adventures just before the online release of our brand new French watch “Renaissance”! We are speaking about Made in France and we are really speaking about it. We also come back to our story and the origin of the “Renaissance” project, we will finally reveal the manufacturing techniques that we use and the bracelet… Motorcycle rides, aperitifs and moments of doubt also… The story, the true one, the one and only, without any filter.