Since its creation in 2017 in Paris, Beaubleu has advocated a culture of going beyond time by combining singularity and lyricism.
Through its emblematic round hands, the brand elevates the “moment” as a time measurement unit, creating aesthetic, astonishing, and symbolic watches.




Beaubleu Vitruve Date Steel

Focus on the famous Date Steel from the Vitruve Collection. It seems to be sculpted from a single block of steel. The brushed steel dial blends into its matte and polished case where you can sight the discreet and readable date at 6.

Beaubleu Vitruve GMT Blue
Beaubleu Vitruve GMT Blue

Focus on the refine GMT Blue from the Vitruve Collection. The Vitruve GMT Blue watch has two hidden crowns. By activating one of the hidden crowns, the flange, stamped with 12 roman numerals, turns and indicates the time in another part of the world. This complication is also called dual time.

Beaubleu Vitruve Origine Cognac
Beaubleu Vitruve Origine Cognac

Focus on the refine Origine Cognac from the Vitruve Collection. The Vitruve Origine Cognac watch possesses a sandwich dial. The three round hands turn on a first smoked dial, pad printed with Roman numerals, and resting on the second somber cognac guilloche dial.