The Fears Watch Company, known as ‘Fears’. Is a family-run British watch company that was originally founded in 1846 by Edwin Fear.
Fears is now paradoxically one of Britain’s oldest and youngest watch brands, having been dormant from the late 1970’s until being re-established in 2016. Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the now 4th-managing director and great-great-great-grandson of Edwin Fear, has brought the company back to its original and historic home city of Bristol where their watches are designed.

The Fears mantra is ‘Elegantly Understated’ and that can be seen throughout their watches that are still proudly hand-built in Britain.
The Fears collection is a sophisticated, yet contemporary range of watches that retain inspiration from their vast archive.




Fears Redcliff 39.5 Date

The Fears Redcliff collection is named after Redcliff Street in Bristol, where our founder, Edwin Fear, established Fears in 1846. This name originally adorned the first watch Fears created when it was re-established in 2016 which has now been re-imaged with an entirely new Swiss automatic movement, slim yet robust case and new 3-link bracelet.

Fears Redcliff 39.5 Date
Fears Redcliff 39.5 Date

Taking its name from the Bristol street where the company was first founded in 1846, the new Fears Redcliff Collection is designed to be an elegant and sophisticated everyday timepiece.

Fears Brunswick Copper Salmon
Fears Brunswick Copper Salmon

Graceful and complex, the curvaceous Brunswick 38 takes its inspiration from a gentleman’s cushion case watch in the Fears archives, first made in 1924. This sportier iteration of the Brunswick is the perfect all-round watch, taking you from beach to boardroom with ease.