March 31 - April 3, 2022 • HEAD – Genève

About Us

Time to Watches is dedicated to creating and organising events for brands and their audiences in the field of watchmaking.

Time to Watches is born out of a simple observation: the world of the past, organized around a unique and global event, will no longer exist. With the gathering of the Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, it has become necessary to offer a quality alternative to the independent, resolute and creative brands not present at Watches and Wonders.

From the very inception of the project, the founders of Time to Watches have established relations of respect and transparency with the major players in the watch industry in order to promote Time to Watches as the offshoot of Watches and Wonders.


The Team

Time to Watches is the result of the association of Marc Angebault,
 expert in content marketing, and Christian Wipfli, founder and
 director of Poseidon & Co., a company active since 2011 in the conception and development of events in Switzerland.

In addition to a solid network of external skills, the partners can count on the expertise and dynamism of Aurélien Depraz, Senior Project Manager.