10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève

10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève


ID Genève is the first watch brand to come out of the circular economy. We create products that reflect the values and principles of people concern about climate change and social environmental impact, we positively influence the watch making industry by designing and developing the first eco-innovative watch in the industry. The materials used are circular and have a lower carbon impact than the watch industry average. The design is modular, timeless, and evolutive to extend the length of the watch’s life cycle to the maximum. We offer an avant-garde vision of watchmaking, an approach where sustainability, transparency and innovation are at the heart of our DNA and manufacturing processes.




ID Watch SA
Chemin des Merles 1
1213 Onex


A new identity of luxury
RE – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle