10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève

10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève


15 years of watchmaking passion.

Designed and manufactured by hand in Switzerland, our watch winders are the product of the expertise naturally derived from the country’s watchmaking industry. Each watch winder is assembled by hand, and all our suppliers are located no further than 50 km from our factory. Thanks to their cubic shapes, our watch winders can be joined and multiplied almost infinitely, so whether you’re looking for a Startbox, a Masterbox or a Multiple Masterbox, you’re sure to find a configuration that meets your needs. Dive into a world of precision, design, and passion for fine watchmaking with SwissKubiK.




SwissKubiK, recommended by the most prestigious Swiss watchmaker. With elegance and modernity, discover the SwissKubiK watch winders.