March 28 - April 1, 2023 · HEAD – Genève


Founded in 2016, the Lundis Bleus brand has a specific approach to independent watchmaking through the dial, the face of a watch.

Lundis Bleus’s specialty is the age-old technique of enameling on metal, but it also creates dials made of genuine stones or enhanced with hand engravings. The yearly production does not go beyond 80 pieces, including unique models created on request.

Behind Lundis Bleus is one man that is simultaneously a designer, a watchmaker, an enamelist and a business manager. This “factotum” is me, and I wish you a warm welcome to Time to Watches 2022 !

Bastien Vuilliomenet





Lundis Bleus, Vuilliomenet
Rue des Moulins 31
2000 Neuchâtel