10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève

10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève


Shona Taine is a passionate young woman who has been introduced to watchmaking since she was 10 years old when, as a child, she looked at the dial of the Astronomical Clock in Prague and felt the mysteries that this work of art carried within her. The day after her 22nd birthday, she created her own watch brand, Khemea.

Khemea will present its first watch model, Arkhea, a limited edition of 12 pieces, at the TIME TO WATCHES event.

This new timepiece is based on the BCP Tourbillon T02 and on the blank sheet of paper that is this movement Shona Taine has developed, built, machined, assembled and decorated three additional complications: a moon phase, a date and a power reserve.

Khemea means “Alchemy” in ancient Greek. The alchemy of body and mind, of mechanical parts and energy, of knowledge and workbench.

“Movement is the principle of all life” – Leonardo da Vinci



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