10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève

10 - 14 April 2024 · HEAD – Genève


Dedicated to sharing the history and heritage of Swiss watchmaking since 2015, Initium offers tailor-made experiments in the creation of Swiss mechanical watches, from a simple initiation to the assembly of a complete watch in one day. Today, Initium is broadening its vision and aims to appeal to watch lovers the world over. To do this, the brand has developed an innovative assembly kit that will allow you to create a high-end watch from home, after having created the design via a 3D configurator. At Initium, you are the artist !




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3D configurator for a limitless experience

The Initium community can now design a timepiece directly and online in a fully personalised way. It is then possible to choose the way in which you wish to live your watchmaking experience: assemble your watch alongside a watchmaker on one of the Initium sites in Switzerland, order your watch kit to be assembled at home, or receive your creation, ready to be worn.

Presentation of our Kairos watch assembly kit

At the end of 2021, Initium launched its new assembly kit Kairos, allowing watch enthusiasts to live a unique experience: create their own Swiss mechanical watch at home. This laid the first stone of an ambitious project that is now leading to an international development of the brand.