March 31 - April 3, 2022 • HEAD – Genève


Founded in the heart of Switzerland in 1966, Century Time Gems is headed up by Philip W. A. Klingenberg and has remained an independent family company. Its founder, inventor Hans-Ulrich Klingenberg, dreamed of a unique timepiece combining timeless beauty and technical prowess in watchmaking. He developed a construction system that allowed two disks of sapphire to be fused together in a single case. Known as “Megalith”, this process is still used today for all the brand’s watch creations. The CENTURY sapphire, the brand’s unique hallmark, is fully hand-cut and polished by the CENTURY master craftsmen – meticulous work and exceptional knowhow in which the Manufacture excels.



Century Time Gems Ltd.
Zihlstrasse 50
2560 Nidau


AFFINITY, jewel watch
CENTURY sapphire
CENTURY sapphire
CENTURY watches – Time Gems
CENTURY watches – Time Gems